Song 161 – Bug-Eyed Girl

By June 15, 2018Songs

This song provided the music for Psalm 125. Corwin Slack lost a lot of weight walking every morning. So, I decided to start walking. I would walk 10 miles over to Barker Cypress, down past Maudeen Mark’s Ranch, through the park, back past the soccer fields on Westheimer Parkway, out at Kingsland Boulevard, and then back to the house. I did this walk quite often in the 2011 time-frame. Sometimes Andrea would walk with me. We even took Andreas Seminary Class on a Trek one morning. There were typically a lot of bikers and runners along the trail. One morning there was a girl who was going in the opposite direction and was complaining very loudly about a bug flying into her eye. Thus, the title: Bug-Eyed Girl. At the time, Sara Ellyn was working for a computer company that made computer avatar’s. I suggested she make her avatar to match the concept of a bug-eyed girl. This connection turned Sara Ellyn into the Bug-Eyed Girl, and the rest is rhyming: 1: park, dark, mark, bark; 2: tall, fall, ball, beautiful; 3. Benin, seen, mean, teen. I sang it for Rob, and he told me I should sing it for Sarah Ellyn at her wedding. I think he was attempting to goad Sara. The extended photo (click on the photo to the left) shows him grinning as I sang this song for Sara Ellyn and Tim and their guests. Still I sang it in the country-western bar-be-que place they had their family dinner. In fact, I was strumming the guitar so heard, I broke one of my guitar strings. So, I didn’t sing Song 016 – Sara Ellyn to Sara and Tim until the next morning, at a family breakfast at their nice apartment overlooking the lake in Austin, Texas. While Bug-Eyed Girl is kind of fun, I really do like my song Sara Ellyn. It nicely captures what Sara Ellyn means to me.

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