Songs 175 – The Best Side

By June 26, 2018Songs

This song was not used as the music for a Psalm. I’m doing some work with one of the guys I grew up with out in the valley, and he is regularly pointing out how this person is “all about himself,” or this other person is “all about himself.” We agreed on a consulting fee, and an hour later there was a text message saying they might be able to pay half what we agreed. Is it “all about him?” He did bring by the first half of the consulting fee the next day, and promised the rest when several things going on get resolved. Then I read the words to this song, and realize too often in my life it is “all about me.” Oh well! I’m not sure what was happening in March of 2012 that got me thinking about being a little boy, a young man, a father, and a granddad. However, this is what this meditation was about. All about me. Verse 1: boy, toy, coy, and joy. Verse 2: man, sand, can, and land. Verse 3: father, daughters, bother, and totters. And Verse 4: Granddad, fad, bad, and sad. “Oh, that I could, Always be like him.” Then, as I typed these words for the description, I got thinking, “How do you select a photo capturing the best side?” Andrea has several pieces of artwork from her mission o Japan around the house. One is of a Gisha Girl looking down at me every time I get out of the shower. I took a photo of her one morning, before getting out of the shower, looking back up at her. Hopefully one of us got to see the “the best side” of the other.

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