Song 430 – If Kids Grew Up On Farms

By April 26, 2021Songs

Roice has spent several months working at SUU Special Collections on Wednesdays to sort through the 114 boxes of materal donated. Lots of interesting things found. Some fulfilling. Some very sad. There were:

  • 44 boxes of Landmark Geotech material, white numbered tags, west stationary shelves
  • 7 boxes of Landmark Business material, green numbered tags, west wall shelves
  • 14 boxes of Walden 3D/Walden Visualization/Advanced Structures/entrepreneurial material, green numbered tags, east moving shelves
  • 28 boxes of Hypermedia Corporation material, yellow numbered tags, west wall shelves
  • 2 boxes of Dynamic Oil & Gas and Dynamic Resources Corporation, pink? numbered tags, west wall shelves
  • 16 boxes of family and personal material, blue numbered tags, east moving shelves
  • 2 boxes of church material, pink numbered tags, east moving shelves
  • 1 box of school material, yellow numbered tags, east moving shelves
  • Plus some 90 maps and Posters

Somewhere in all of this was a single sheet of paper with some writing Marti did about Farm Kids. As I was just about ready to catch up posting new songs, it seemed like this would be a good last post for a while. Do not remember seeing this before. It shows there was more going on behind the desire for divorce, than I realized. Sort of even helps me reconcile and put aside feelings of failure. Oh well!

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