Song 158 – Thunder and Lightning

By June 12, 2018Songs

This song is referenced by both Song 113 – Jennifer Roberts and Song 114 – Reckless, and provided the music for Psalm 18. It was not long after Joe Roberts asked me – “Does lightning strikes twice at the same place, and if it does strike twice at the same location, does it mean I have oil under my lease?” – I became convinced there was a pony in this pile. It is 10 years later, and we are still digging for the pony. We have uncovered exciting correlations. I’m more convinced than ever we are mapping geology with our lightning analysis. We have learned a lot. We have gone down a lot of dead ends. Most of the dead ends are marketing dead ends, not technical dead ends. We have demonstrated a significant geologic component as to why lightning strikes where it does. I am optimistic we are within months, if not weeks, of breaking this lightning analysis market wide open. I was just beginning to realize, when I wrote this song in 2011, lightning can travel 150 kilometers cloud-to-cloud before it hits the ground. The reason lighting strikes the ground where it strikes the ground is because of geology, or as I say in verse 4, “hydrocarbons and salt, Resistivity, Minerals and brine, Conductivity.” Verse three describes volcanic lightning, which was not even known about until the last few decades. Yet, consider these Book of Mormon references which can best be described as volcanic lightning: I Nephi 12:4, 19:11; II Nephi 26:6; Helaman 14:21; and III Nephi 8:7. Consider the autobiographical description of the translator of The Book of Mormon (Joseph Smith History 22, 27, & 55). This is why I selected the photo of volcanic lightning to the left, which I believe originally came from National Geographic, to supplement this song. Lightning does strike some radio towers, some mountain tops, and some trees. However, I am convinced telluric currents are by and far the largest contributor as to why lightning strikes where it strikes. Lightning analysis is a new way to explore for natural resources. Dynamic Measurement Corporation is using this knowledge to build a new branch in the geophysical services industry. It is exciting. Even more exciting than the creation of Landmark Graphics was. And Landmark changed the way every oil and gas company in the world explores for hydrocarbons. Lightning analysis is a more geologically self-contained approach, it builds on interactive 3-D interpretation, and I have retained control of the company, each of which are reasons I find Dynamic Measurement so much more exciting than Landmark Graphics was at the same stage of development.

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