Song 142 – Change Is In The Air

By May 24, 2018Songs

The music for this Song was not used as the music for a Psalm. There were a lot of changes in our life in 2008. This is the year we started Dynamic Measurement LLC. The song was written for Andrea and my 9th Wedding Anniversary. Matt had always been interested in the military, joined the National Guard, and went to war in Iraq. This is why his boot camp graduation photo is shown to the left. Audrey and Joshua had married and had their first daughter, Sophia, by 2008. We bought our Prius, which as I write this in May of 2018 has 216,831 miles on the odometer. I got laid off from Geophysical Development Corporation / Geokinetics. We had a lot of problems at 1307 Emerald Green, and had to replace the shower, Andrea had a clear glass shower door put in, we hired a contractor to replace the siding with hardy planks, and we replaced all of the windows with double glazed non-filled window panes. The first of the Marvel Comics came to movies with Transformers and Iron Man, further blurring the boundary between virtual worlds and real life. “Change is in the air, Transitions everywhere, Scary, hard to bare, No one seems to care, Life does not seem fair, Even impacts our lair, To comprehend we stare.”

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