Song 371 – Oh That Ye Had Repented

By August 1, 2018Songs

This song is referenced by Song 101 – This New Song. The same image was used for Psalm 110, showing Moroni burying the golden plates. The name of the painting is “And I saw their day.” It is an original Kenneth R. Turner oil painting, which we own, have in our house, and it seems like a good image for this song about Moroni’s father – Mormon’s words: “Oh that ye had repented.” The words for this song come from Mormon 6:17-22. I recall reading how over and over cultures in what we now call Mongolia would wipe each other out to the last two kings. I’m not sure where this was written, and think  it was possibly in some of Hugh Nibley’s writings. As I recall this historical fact was used to point out the destruction of the Jaredite Civilization followed this same trajectory, and this knowledge is not something Joseph Smith could possibly have been acquainted with. As you read the words used for this song, it seems as if the Nephites were following this same path. Certainly, the record points out the Nephites were completely destroyed. Mormon knew the path could have been different. However, free will and choice are basic eternal principles, and with basic principles come consequences. In this case, the destruction of a people. It seems mankind will never learn from the past. The good news is most modern people are not so dedicated to their leader they are willing to follow their leader to their death. The bad news is most modern people are not dedicated to anyone or anything other than themselves. Certainly most are not committed to follow Heavenly Father and His word.

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