Song 160 – Science Camp

By June 14, 2018Songs

This song provided the music for Song 345 – David’s Psalm of Praise, which is found in II Samuel 22:2-51. I wrote a song for our first Nelson Grandkids Summer Science Camp on 09 July 2010. It is like the scout ballads. We drove from Houston west, stopping at Martin’s Cove, to Providence for Quinton’s birthday. Ethan and his Mom, Sarah Johnson Nelson, got up at 3:00 and flew from Denver to Las Vegas, where Andrea and I picked them up. I lectured about geology all the way to Cedar City, and I’m sure I bored the two of them to death. We stopped in Bloomington and Aunt Luanna fed us all lunch. Meanwhile Paul drove Grant and Colby south. Sarah and Andrea cleaned the cabin. I waited at the gate in Matt’s truck, and drove three tired boys and three other kin to the cabin. I would not remember we ate breakfast burritos and orange juice if I had not written the words in the song. Now, as I sing it, it is like I am back at that first Science Camp. Hopefully the kids will feel the same. We had backpacks for each of the boys. We got a photo as we left the cabin, as is shown to the left. We took the boys to Cedar Breaks (see expanded photo) and then to Panquich Lake to fish. Caught 3 fish, which were breakfast the next morning, along with pancakes. We attempted to milk the atmosphere for water, using condensation. Did not work so well. It was fun to work on the project with John Boyce, who was my Home Teaching Companion. The boys were more interested in making dams along the stream running out of the cabin pond. They liked to chop down trees, and we had a Dutch Oven dinner. We  completed The Eighth Annual Nelson Grandkid’s Summer Science Camp the summer of 2017. I think the success was based on how well this first camp went. This year we do Science Camp along the Front Range near Colorado Springs, and hopefully it will go as well as the last 8 years. Maybe I will even write another Science Camp ballad this year.

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