Song 135 – Dr. B.

By May 16, 2018Songs

The music for this Song was not used as the music for a Psalm. Can you believe health care costs were an issue before 1970 when this song was written? I do not know who Dr. B. was. It might have been Dr. Broadbent. It might have been Dr. McFarlane, who x-rayed my foot when Ken Iowami cracked it when the Phi Sigma Kai pledges captured him at Bailiff Hall for what the Fraternity called a “sneak.” If we, as pledges, were able to capture and keep an Active member of the fraternity for 24 hours, without the Actives finding him, giving clues each hour, they owed the Pledges a party. We recorded our clues at the airport, and different places with unique sounds around Salt Lake City, then the plan was to play them each hour over the phone from where Ray Gardner lived, about a block from the frat house. The clues were on greased flag poles, at the airport, at Bingham Copper Mine, and we had Ken at a campsite up one of the canyons. It was a great plan, and it didn’t work because Dr. Hintze, where Ray stayed his first year at the “U,” told us to stop using the phone to play recordings. I ended up having to do a lot of push-ups with a cracked foot. Oh well! I’m not sure how “Dr. McFarlane” translates to “Dr. B.” It is mostly likely “Dr. B.” was the old Doctor who sent x-rays through my face regularly to theoretically treat the big boils and zits I had on my face. I became good friends with some of the Air West reservation agents. I would regularly fly to Salt Lake to get this x-ray treatment. I got to know some of the reservation agents over the phone and would call and talk to them for extended periods of time when getting flight arrangements. I’m surprised I have not had thyroid or other problems because of all the x-rays I was given as a youth. I know between the allergy shots and the visits to dermatologists; health care costs were a problem for Mom and Dad. Money was certainly something they fought about. So, it makes some sense I wrote a negative song about “old Dr. B.” And it seems logical to use a couple of views of the old Cedar City hospital, where I was born and where I had my appendix out when I was a child, as the photo for this song. This building is now the headquarters for The Leavitt Group, which Mom played a role in creating as Dixie Leavitt’s secretary and assistant for much of the 1960’s.

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