Song 343 – Sitting on a Fence

By July 2, 2018Songs

This song was used for the music for Song 344 –  Psalm 151 – David’s Song for Saul. I was going to ask someone to go up Cedar Mountain with me and take a photo of me sitting on one of the zig-zag aspen fences for this song. Then I saw this photo of Sophie and Halle walking on a cement wall around a petrified log in Escalante at Science Camp a few years ago, and decided it nicely illustrates sitting (walking) on a fence. “Sitting on a fence, teetering, Not sure which way the wind’s blowing.” Entrepreneurship requires investment. I am somewhat entrepreneurial. Therefore, my projects require investment. I don’t work well for others. Therefore, I prefer to provide the investment for my entrepreneurial activities myself.  The oil industry downturns and previous commercial failures (see Song 078 – RainSong 155 – Help Me Set Us Free, Song 177 – Enduring ‘Till We Die, and Song 342 – Projects) have left me with nothing but time to invest in these activities. There are limits on available time, both from the hours in a day as well as church and family commitments, as well time needed to provide for the basics. So, we put a business plan together and placed it at (looks like Dynamic Measurement LLC is no longer listed there). We talked to the Texas Angel’s Network. And the lack of responses makes it “hard to believe in yourself, When so many question you.” “It’s easy to be depressed, And feel the brunt of life’s tests.” Then there was an e-mail from Saudi Arabia expressing interest in investing. And stupidly, we started a conversation and got scammed out of several hundred dollars we could not afford. Then through we were invited to participate in Texas A&M’s Venture Challenge by Richard Lester. The kids we worked with did a cute sketch based on Beverly Hillbillies. However, we did not win our section, and the effort did not go anyplace. Then we needed a “certificate of Good Standing” from the State of Texas for the Saudi’s. We got one and sent it off, along with registration money, before we realized it was a scam. I guess it is possible to be too trusting when sitting on a fence, not sure which way the wind’s blowing.

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