Song 396 – Website Stuff

By August 30, 2018Songs

Rob (see Song 017 – The Tank) has been faithful in calling, asking about how things are going, recognizing problems I was having with my computer, and getting all of his siblings together to chip in and purchase me a new computer for a Christmas present. He had asked me a series of questions, and I wrote him a long e-mail (sort of like these descriptions of these songs). Then I lost or accidently deleted the e-mail I sent him. I remembered thinking it had a lot of good information in it. So the next time I talked to him I asked him to send it back to me, if he still had a copy. He did have a copy, he did send it back to me, and I took the words and used them for the words of this song the day after my birthday in 2016. I was asking him for feedback on our new website for Dynamic Measurement. “Messages, floating through the air, Reminding me, Life’s not fair, And yet I now know you care.” The Walden website is obsolete. I do add a new box every once  in a while, like links to public presentations on lightning, Linked-In Posts, Stand Back Up, these Songs and Psalms, The Book of Mormon Spread-Sheet, and thoughts on the agenda driven science behind climate change arguments. Rob offered his server. I told him I was satisfied with the support I get from InfoWest. I told Rob Dynamic Measurement plans to use more Social Media. The note mentioned two Facebook accounts, and my goal to separate business and personnel. It would be nice to “hire or find someone to monitor, manage and notify me of people to respond to.” I pointed out how “I am still trying to recover from the rejection of divorce, and my feelings of inadequacy as a father.” I pointed out how I liked the move to Utah, except for not seeing the Austin kids as often as I want to. I like The Master’s Singers, The Southern Utah Rock Club, and my weekly lunches with Ray Gardner.  I enjoy being a Cedar City Temple Worker, a Temple and Family History Consultant, collecting rocks and replacing rocks around our Townhome, and converting The Book of Mormon to spread-sheets. In August 2018 Andrea posted on Facebook how much she loves our garden. I do enjoy going out to the farm a couple of mornings each week to water, weed, and pick vegetables. This was written before Matt moved back to Utah. Now he is back in Houston. On November 4th, 2016 I wrote “I’m concerned there will be serious problems in Houston in the coming months or years.” This was 9 months before Harvey devastated Houston and the surrounding area. I closed telling Rob Kathy Haggar received the Best Paper Award for the GCAGS (Gulf Coast Association of Geological Societies) two years in a row, and how I agreed to talk at The DHI Consortium (Direct Hydrocarbon Indicator Consortium) and hoped to spend a couple of days with him and his siblings. And all of these words were under the guise of “website stuff.”

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