Song 162 – NEWS

By June 16, 2018Songs

This song is referenced by Song 149 – Living Dreams and provided the music for Psalm 73. The image to the left was taken from (note a similar version of the same image is at In case someone doesn’t know, the word NEWS is a combination of the first letters of the words North East West South. The chorus starts with this, and points out how NEWS, or as Henry Thoreau calls it: gossip, flows through our lives, cutting us with verbal knives. I like the tune and the message. “Stock market ups, stock market downs, Either way it can create frowns.” “A war here, a new war there, Pretty soon, people no longer care.” “Grocery prices through the sky, Following along gasoline price highs.” “Running scared, hoarding food, Blaming others, makes us feel good.” “The housing crunch, the stock market crash, Loosing our job, short on cash.” Guns and sex in our schools, Makes us feel, like we must be fools.” Then my documented meditation turned into a solution: “What can we do to turn the flow, Is it as simple, as just saying no; No more debt, no more bets, No more abortions, no more jets; No more living beyond our means, Eating more wheat and beans; No more pork barrel politics, Eliminate all entitlements; No more wars we don’t go in to win, no more pornographic sin; No more attacking the family, No more drugs, nor addictions silly.” Finally I ended by rewriting the last two lines of the chorus to say: “Turn around the NEWS today, Find something positive to say.” Why is it so hard to follow this type of simple advice?

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