Song 133 – Running

By May 14, 2018Songs

The music for this Song was not used as the music for a Psalm. “You wonder where I’m running to as I search for something to believe in, I don’t really know, but I’m sure it’s there, if only I can find it.” This song was written before my mission to England. I was interested in philosophy during my first two years at the University of Utah, the “U”. Reading the words, it seems to fit a class I took about William James and his relativistic philosophy of, if it feels good it is true. “You tell me not to run, through the darkness that surrounds us, and yet you know I will not stop, until I’ve found what’s true to me.” Over time my preference has gravitated to a more absolutistic approach of eternal truths and eternal laws. “So you promise to be mine, and help me search for what is true, yet as I find a truth, I share it and find you do not agree.” Allowing for the free agency of others to not believe what we believe is a very hard part of life. “Life is rough, and we must decide where to place our values, so I watch you run away to search for your own light to stab through the darkness.” I was a kid. I was thinking through things. It is almost as though I was pre-seeing what Marti was going to choose to do, though I doubt I knew Marti when I wrote these words. Hopefully a grandchild, or one of their grandchildren, will find value in the struggles in my mind captured in this early “song.” Maybe they will just laugh at the two selfies taken on a run when 68 years old.

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