Song 349 – The Graceful Swan

By July 6, 2018Songs

This song is referenced in Song 146 – The Dance and was not used as the music for a Psalm. I loved the Sunday afternoons after church when Melanie’s family would come over to the house and visit, or we would go over to their house and visit. On one of those Sunday’s Halle wanted to write a song. So we did. This song about a swan is the result. She would give me a thought, and I would build a rhyme and write the words out: swan, along, sky, high in the chorus. We started out in the sky: “Like a slow arrow, Floating through the air, When they land, There’s barely a splash.” Then we went to the water: “Floating on the water, Looking so beautiful, Graceful and stunning, They look so nice.” And then we brought it back to real life, and an experience Aunt Sara Ellyn had: “They are hard to find sometimes, and when you do, Be very careful, They might peck you.” Hallie is so cute (and shy) in the video she made telling Aunt Sara about the song. Colby played the piano, and we recorded the song after we wrote it. It is a bit noisy, and you can hardly hear the song. However, it is a wonderful memory. THANK YOU HALLE!

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