Song 115 – Enough

By April 23, 2018Songs

This song was used as the music for Psalm 109. This song was written about my extended family. It starts with Bengt Nelson (1834-1919) and Ellen Johnson (1835-1910), who joined the church in Sweden and immigrated to Utah, settling in Cedar City in the 1850’s. Their oldest child was Bengt Nelson, Jr. (1860-1926) who married Sarah Catherine Hunter (1867-1950) and lived in the 1880’s. Their son, Roice Bengt Nelson married Emma Lambson, my grandpa and grandma, lived in the 1910’s. I never knew Grandpa (1891-1947), as he died when a plow he was unloading hit a power line and he was electrocuted two years before I was born. Grandma Nelson (1889-1965) had a big impact on my life (see Song 374 – To Me, My Farm Is). Mom (Pauline Hafen, 1929-2003) and Dad (Howard Roice Nelson, Sr., 1916-1996) lived in the 1940’s. I was born in 1949 and expect to live to the 2020’s, though verse 5 refers to this time as the 1960’s. Our children grew up in the 1990’s, verse 6, and their children will become adults in the 2020’s, verse 7. It is really quite remarkable to ponder the changes which have happened and will happen on planet earth during these seven generations of Nelsons. Thinking in this time-frame, it made sense to use as the image a photo of Sara and I, after we had spent a day at a new park in Austin, planting trees for future generations.

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