Song 377 – Hafen Reunion

By August 8, 2018Songs

Forget when I went to my first Hafen Reunion at Pinto. It was a after Mom’s stroke, and I think it was after she was moved into the St. George Facility, which means it was probably after Dad died in 1996. Once, when I visited, Mom mentioned the Hafen Reunion each year at Pinto. She explained it was a pot-luck lunch, and how Hafen’s love chocolate German cake. So, every time I’ve attended, I’ve bought a chocolate German cake for my part of the Pot Luck. I took Mom the first year she told me about it, and several years after that. Several times I went alone. My cousin Diane Hafen Cluff helped with the 2000 Reunion. I remember taking Sara and Melanie one year. I took Neil Nelson with me to help with the pole walks for the 2008 reunion. I took my guitar once. Maybe that same year. I enjoy Hafen Reunion’s, even though I don’t know the folks very well. I enjoy talking to Arlo and Ramona and their kids, to John, to LeRoy, to the Mosses, to the Kessler’s, and others. I’ve overcome enough of my introverted tendencies to get to know several of the folks over the years. Turns out they rotated who was responsible for sending out the announcement, the games and activities, setting up for the feast, and running the testimony meeting. I know I fulfilled this role at least twice: 2000 and 2008 (click here to see the announcement put together for the 2008 reunion). Adolph and Nellie Hafen have 13 children, a couple of the sisters shared, a couple of the brothers died early from alcoholism, and the two reunions I have records of organizing were 8 years apart. I think Andrea and I have only been twice since we moved back to Cedar City. We did come up from Houston several times to attend. Since moving home, I’ve been in charge of the Blood Drive for Hillcrest Ward (even though they will not accept my blood because I was in England too much during the Mad Cow Disease outbreaks), and so I need to hand out sign-up sheets during church meetings. Andrea also had a conflict last year, and we only have one car. Whatever the case, every year my heart is with my cousins over Labor Day Weekend, as I know they are celebrating the legacy of Adolph and Nellie Hafen at the Hafen Reunion in Pinto.

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