Song 410 – Eternal Life

By December 3, 2018Songs

I slowly worked my way through St. Augustine’s “The City of God” this last year. On page 220, the translators wrote: “No matter how short a life may last, we cannot in truth call it eternal, if at length it must have an end. Since life merely implies living, whereas eternal means having no end.” The words caught my imagination, especially since they were written only a few hundred years after Christ died, and before the Koran was written. So I searched the scriptures and captured 68 references to eternal life. These references provide the words of the song. Finally, note this eternal song is 19:36 minutes long, I close with a quote on page 437 of “The City of God” where it says: “The City of God holds that eternal life is the supreme good, and eternal death is the supreme evil, and that we should live rightly, in order to obtain the one, and avoid the other.”

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