Song 137 – And Life Will Go On

By May 18, 2018Songs

The music for this Song was not used as the music for a Psalm. I enjoy thinking about holography. I have some books on the topic. They expand on the three-dimensional visualization possible with laser holography to include many other aspects of life. The basic idea with the holography I have worked with is you illuminate a 3-D scene with a laser, and then record the interference of the reflected laser light with the original laser light. This interference pattern recorded on a piece of film is called a hologram, and mathematically it is equivalent to taking data and running it through a Fourier Transform. The image to the left is a photo of the first hologram ever made with a laser using the off axis technique. The thing so interesting to me about the hologram is you can cut the film in pieces, and the entire image can be reconstructed from each piece of film. The resolution of the display does degrade if the pieces of film are too small. Geology is fractal, and we see the same patterns of erosion with a small sand fan on our driveway as we see with a large sand fan at the base of a mountain canyon. What do these thoughts have to do with this song? The words describe how “life seems to get harder as the days go by.” This is like fractal geology or a piece of a hologram. The things we experience and learn in our youth are the same things we philosophize about when we get old. “What makes me think life will turn out? Am I just an optimistic fool?” I expect the words about rent were from my imagination. Yet today I struggle financially because Dynamic Measurement has not made as many sales as expected. I have no idea what the words about my Mom and “having a brother that died” are about. And back before 1970 “life still went on, for my dog and I.” After all, others “wrote their song, and so will I. and life will go on, as the days pass by.”

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