Song 154 – 60th Birthday

By June 7, 2018Songs

This song was used to provide the music for Psalm 78. I started writing the song a week after my surprise 60th birthday party, and finished it up a month and a half later. This recording is 22 minutes and 41 seconds long, which seems short considering all of the things covered. Instead of verses, each section is tied to my age; 00 was how old I was when I was born; 05 is how old I was when Andrea was born; 21 was when I reported to my mission; 23 was my age when Marti and I got married; 25 was how old I was when Roice was born; 26 when Ben was born; 27 when Paul was born; 29 when Heather was born; 30 when Melanie was born; 31 when Audrey was born; 32 when Sara Ellyn was born; 34 when Rob was born; 35 when Rachel was born; 37 when Matt was born; 47 when the divorce was finalized; 48 when Ben and Sarah married; 49 when Andrea and I were married in the St. George Temple; 50 when Paul & Kate and Melanie & Jared married; 51 when Ethan was born; 52 when Grant was born; 53 when Colby was born; 54 when Taylor was born; 55 when Ella Dawn was born; 56 when Roice & Sarah and Audrey & Joshua were married and when Halle was born; 57 when Sophie and Dallin were born; 59 when Rachel and Garret married and Avalyn was born; and 60 when they all had a surprise birthday party for me. Each verse includes something about what was happening elsewhere in the world as these milestones occurred in my life. Did not know Andrea was the same age as McDonald’s, until I went through this writing effort. The photo to the left shows my surprise; and the extended photo shows some of whom was waiting for me when I answered the door. My first words were, “This looks very expensive.”

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