Song 143 – Dedication to John Doran

By May 25, 2018Songs

This song was provided the music for Psalm 83. After getting laid off at Geokinetics, I started to spend more time working with Dr. Richard Lee Coons (Dick). He had several prospects I had attempted to sell. Dynamic Oil & Gas Corporation was started with Roger Anderson, Larry Cathles, Ed Story, and Eddy Rogers in 1991, and it did not get traction. After leaving Continuum Resources in December of 2000, I started Dynamic Resources Corporation on the 16th of January in 2001. Dick and I had known each other since he was Forest Oil’s representative to The Seismic Acoustics Lab at the University of Houston. When I got laid off, Dick told me I needed to meet Dr. John Doran. John was the founder of Roc Oil in Sydney, Australia. I don’t remember if I had airline miles, or if Dick provided airline miles. I do remember John was going to be in London, and Dick insisted I go see him. So I took Andrea and we went to London. The experience was almost a disaster. I could not get my cell phone, which I think was a Blackberry in those day, to work in London. We could not contact John. The plane was late. We missed our appointment. We finally got the cell phone fixed, connected and arranged to meet for dinner. I had invited a friend, a reservoir engineer named Bill Bosler, who was living and working in Russia to join us. There was a real interpersonal chemistry between John Doran and myself, and we both wanted to seal a deal. When we met the next day, it was hard to tell who was selling who. John hired me on the spot to meet his team, and sent me to China and to Sydney. Great trip! He paid for Andrea and I to go to Florence to the EAGE (European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers). Dr. Jim Siebert joined us in Helsinki, and we started our relationship with Vaisala. John and I agreed on the terms of a deal. I would work for Roc Oil for 10 years, and Roc would invest up to $500 million in Dynamic Resource’s TMI’s (Technologies of Mutual Interest) and AMI’s (Areas of Mutual Interest). We finalized and signed a Letter of Agreement. John worked all night, went for a walk along the Sydney Harbor, and had a heart attack. Within 2 weeks the Board of Directors at Roc Oil had cancelled our agreement. John and I were kindred spirits, and this was devastating to lose an excellent mind who caught the vision of what I have spent years developing and working on.

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