Song 132 – Woke Up to a Dream

By May 12, 2018Songs

The music for this Song was not used as the music for a Psalm. I do not know who this song was written for either (see Song 131 – How Do You Show a Girl for candidates). It was written before 1970 and was probably written after Song 131. Again, the words seem as applicable today as they must have seemed when they were written. “Woke up to a dream the other day.” You are so sweet and so beautiful.” “There were lots of things I wanted to do before meeting someone like you.” “I wasn’t going to let one girl keep me from exploring the world.” “I’m not going to make you leave me, together we’ll both be free, I’ll take you, you wonderful girl, and together we will explore the world.” I choose to think the words were written or Andrea (at least unconsciously and across a long-time window). And I think the photo to the left, and the extended view, which comes up when you click on this photo, showing Andrea enjoying the beauty of Taylor Creek up Kolob Canyon, illustrates we are exploring the world together.

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