Song 152 – Baptism

By June 5, 2018Songs

This song was provided the music for Psalm 51. Colby Cade Wright’s baptism was special. I was excited about it, and so I wrote a song about baptism for this event, specifically stating “The next step on our eternal path, to see how well we kept laws preparing for the bath.” Like many of my songs, the words ended up talking about some of the deepest feelings in my heart. I was not born in the covenant, which means my parents were not sealed for time and eternity in the temple before my birth. My kids, and Andrea’s kids were each born in the covenant, and yet our partners broke the covenant, and so some will question whether our kids are sealed to us for time and eternity or not. We strive to live so all 10 of our children can choose to honor the sealing covenant Andrea and I made in the St. George Temple on 15 May 1999, 50 years after my birth. Remember, a year after Dad, and then a year after Mom died I did their temple work. Melanie represented Mom, and Jeff Jurinak represented Dad when I was sealed to them in the Houston Temple. I hope they accept(ed) the temple ordinances. “Those of us not born in the covenant, need your faith (Colby and the other Grandchildren) to know we belong, as we fly to eternity, finding serenity, secure in our certainty, we trust in our faith.” I sang this song for Colby at his baptism. Then his Grandpa Wright sang, with a much clearer and better voice, another song for Colby. Good memories and very deep feelings come to mind as some of these songs are rehearsed.

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