Song 362 – The Move

By July 21, 2018Songs

This song provided the music for Song 367 – Mary’s Psalm, the first Psalm posted. There are several of these songs which are related to our move back home, including: Song 025 – Homecoming; Song 074 – 1307 Emerald Green; Song 121 – Transitions; Song 177 – Enduring ‘Til We Die; Song 350 – Downsizing; Song 351 – Enjoy the View; Song 353 – New Wood Floors; Song 355 – Shadows; Song 356 – Snow Falling; and of course, this Song 362 – The Move. One of the nice parts of our move, was when Barbara and Steve Salt had an open house for us, and many of our friends came by to say good-bye, including (rows left to right in the photo to the left and in the expanded view): Susan and Michael Reed; Don and Kathleen Keller; Barbara and Collins Stewart; Steve Holleman and Brother Davis; Barbara and Steve Salt; Sue and Steve Feil; Becky and George Schultz;  Dave Williams; Patrice and Alan Peterson; female members of the Craner family;  Collin and Lisa Davies their family; Mr. and Mrs. Smith (who lived in Maudeen Marks Mothers house next to the apartments on Barker; Susan and Michael Reed; Julia Bancroft; Jared, Halle, Colby, Taylor, Kendall, Melanie, and Avalyn Wright; Carolee and Brent Weber; Andrea and Corbin Slack; Mr. and Mrs. Leo Montoya; and Jim and Debbie Siebert. There was also the Maudeen Mark’s ranch, across the street from our apartment in the park. There were many others who said good-bye, including when I held a going-away concert at Ken Turner’s Art Studio in the upstairs room of his house in New Ulm, Texas. I remember Ren Nielson, Tom Sherman, Charlie Beeman, and Melanie’s family all made that trek. The actual move required driving 2 different (largest available) U-Haul Trucks from Katy to Cedar City. This is 1,500 miles, “Driving across America.” “Miss our friends, Comfortable there, Lots of memories Accompanying us.” “Family here, My sister, your brother, And your Mom Could use our help.” “Old and new friends, An architect (Ray Gardner) and a geologist (Gary Player), With Bigger ideas, Than me or you.” “Now we’re here, In our new ward, Figuring out how, We will define, Our new America.”

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