Songs 169-174 – Psalms

By June 25, 2018Songs

This page links to 6 Psalms already posted. The music for each of these Psalm is unique, and is not based on a Song.

Song 169 - 32nd PsalmText: HRN 23 Feb 2012 3rd Fret Travis Pick Download Audio FileDownload Chords
Song 174 - Psalm 66Text: HRN 25 March 2012 2nd Fret Strum Download Audio FileDownload Chords

A goal is for this site to be interactive, for others to record their versions of the Psalms, or provide images or videos which explain a Psalm better. E-mail images, audio, or video to By making a submission you agree to release copyright and to allow W3D to publish your submission, acknowledging posting of your submission is entirely up to W3D.

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