Song 124 – Oh Well!

By May 3, 2018Songs

The music for this Song was not used as the music for a Psalm, but it was used as the music for Song 405 – Thrust. The words came from a re-reading of The Old Testament. In Numbers 21:16-17 it tells how the Lord told Moss to gather the people together and he would give them water, and says “Then Israel sang this song, ‘Spring up O well, Sing unto it’.” Then in verse 18 it says “The princes digged the well.” Today when we drill a well, it is with a bit, thus the last line of the chorus: “Following the bit.” Then I searched for other references to wells in the scriptures, and remembered Jacob’s well, where Jesus bore witness he is the Savoir to the Samaritan woman (as recorded in John 4:6-29). The photo to the left is one of many Christian paintings of Jesus at Jacobs Well with the Samaritan woman. This painting was posted on Wikipedia under the title of Jacob’s Well. II Nephi 22:3-5 and Isaiah 12:3-5 talk about “wells of salvation” (verse 3). Doctrine & Covenants 132:6-7 teaches about the new and everlasting covenant of marriage and how this covenant is valid “as well as time and for all eternity” (verse 4). In Abraham 2:25 Abraham tells Sarai what the Lord had told him and what to say so “it may be well with me for thy sake” (verse 5). Then verse 6 talks about today, about being well, about water wells, and in addition about oil & gas wells. When I was getting ready to post this, I did not realize these words had been put together, as I only had the chorus in my notebook.  So, I used the music to write another geology song, Song 405 – Thrust, using the same chorus and talking about the definition of thrust faults and how the bit discovers the repeat sections accompanying a thrust fault.

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