Song 058 – Reunion

By February 15, 2018Songs

This song was not used as music for a Psalm and it is referenced by Song 80 – The Road of Life. Image to the left was found on the web, and reminds me of the snowstorm reunion in my mind, when I wrote this song about our reunion. I stopped in Denver to see Marti on my way home from my Mission. My Mom had been in Denver while I was on my mission, met Marti, and she gave tacit approval to our dating. The issue was I went back to school at The University of Utah in Salt Lake City in January of 1973, and Marti was in school at CSU (Colorado State University) in Ft. Collins. There are these mountains, called The Rocky Mountains, between those two places. It snowed a lot more the winter of 1972-1973 than it did this year, the winter of 2017-2018. So snow was a big issue in our courtship. And, obviously, I am a hopeless romantic.  So when I would drive over to Ft. Collins, or when Marti would drive to Salt Lake City, snow was a big consideration. I remember some of the trips were pretty scary in my little copper colored Studebaker Javelin. I remember it was good to get together. I especially remember when Marti came to Cedar City over Spring Break, when we got engaged (see Song 057), and when we made the Mello-Drama movie with Bill Hansen. Good memories.

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