Song 052 – Rush Lake Blues

By February 8, 2018Songs

This song was not used as music for a psalm. This was one of the first songs written after I got home. It is a pretty poor excuse of a song. Basically, the song is complaining Mom was still telling me to clean up my room and to stop playing the guitar after I returned from my mission. Probably more important, is that it got me in the song writing mode after returning from England. This was written 4 days before I wrote Song 089 – The Birth, which is one of my favorite songs I wrote, and certainly written after singing another favorite song, Song 087 – The First Prayer. I had been promised on my mission that if I served a good mission my parents would come back into the gospel net. They were not interested in the church when I got home, and I was struggling. I guess I was wondering if I had not served a good mission. My Mission President had been disfellowshipped. The song title, Rush Lake Blues, captures what I was struggling with inside at this interval between when I returned from my mission and when I started school again in January. When I went to Corvallis, the summer of 1968, I spent time at the beaches of Oregon. Everything at home seemed like Rush Lake (and Cedar City), compared to the Pacific Ocean. I remember my suit splitting when riding my bike in Norwich the year before I wrote this song. Probably a deep-seated fear of being embarrassed again. I had stopped in Ft. Collins to see Marti, my first convert, on my way home from England. So, I was thinking about girls, and maybe the policeman represented my Mom. I’m sure psychologists can have a lot of fun figuring out what I don’t know.

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