Song 031 – Camp Strake

By January 15, 2018Songs

This song was used as the music for Psalm 34. It was written about a year after Song 30. I do not remember if I was called as a scout leader, or if I had just taken Rob. I do remember this scout camp was very memorable, and not for normal reasons. Yes, there were canoes, hiking, and the water pipe at the toilet broke. We arrived early, and were taking the boys on a hike around the camp so they knew what was located where. As we were walking a big, probably 10-foot-long and 6-8-inch diameter branch on one of the pine trees broke off, came down, and hit 3 of the boys. Two of the boys were hurt bad enough we took them into Conroe to the emergency room to have them checked out. There were a lot of weird people in the emergency room. We did our best to keep the two scouts with us separated from the clowns. Someone went and got Taco Cabana Taco’s. This was the first, and probably the last time I’d had this particular fast food. Last, because I typically don’t go out for fast food much. Adam Salt thought he was going to be in an operating gown. A few years later his brother Matthew needed a kidney transplant. Adam was identified as an ideal donor. He has such a good spirit. He agreed, and weeks later his Dad, Steve Salt, found out Adam thought he had volunteered to give up his life so his brother Matt could live. I tear up every time I think about this. Back at the scout camp, the check-in, swim test, visitors from out of town, dinner, singing competitions, and merit badge sign-ups all happened. Gary Jones and I took a bunch of laundry to the laundromat, and as we were driving on I-45 the roof top carrier came off, because it did not have weight holding it down, and just missed a semi-truck following us. I can still see how fast all of the scouts moved, when another branch creaked at camp, and they thought it was coming down on them again. Both Gary Jones and I were glad when this camp out was over.

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