Song 020 – Audrey

By January 2, 2018Songs

Audrey’s Song was used as a basis for Psalm 145. Andrea’s biological kids were a lot older than my biological kids were when I wrote their songs. Songs were less like a patriarchal blessing, where a very young child is given some guidance and encouragement, and more like a status report. Audrey was 19 when her song was written. She played the guitar and the piano (“Audrey play a song for me”). She was working for a very prestigious law firm in downtown Houston. She took the bus downtown with Sara, who was working for Texas Independent. Audrey’s favorite word was “Awesome.” So, I wrote about an “awesome child,” an “awesome teenager,” an “awesome young adult,” and an “awesome Mom,” each statement having proven to be absolutely true. When Audrey’s father left Andrea, he also left each of his girls and Matt. They have each struggled with the rejection of being abandoned in a different way. I think Audrey felt like she was partly to blame for the divorce, and nothing could be further from the truth. With Audrey, I attempted to visit her while she was doing an internship at the Utah State Capitol, and it was so obvious she was conflicted about spending time with me. She was striving to be true to her Dad, and I was stepping over a boundary. So, I backed off. She did not like my use of the word “silty” (which rhymed with “feeling guilty”). Note, silt is rock fragments finer than sand and courser than clay. It is not like the words “dirty,” or “muddy,” or “filthy.” To me, silt describes how each of us have experiences, not unlike rock fragments, which have made us who we are. Silt describes a defensive wall to protect us from being burned again. Audrey has always worked hard, and has always had the restored gospel at the center of her life. Audrey is on the Women’s Executive Council with the NRA (National Rifle Association), the mother of 3 beautiful and talented girls, and the wife of Joshua Waldron, co-founder and CEO of Silencerco.

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