Song 044 – My Family

By January 30, 2018Songs

This song was used as the music for Psalm 43. The photo to the left shows one of the first times the family got together in Houston at 1307 Emerald Green. Roice and Melanie were with us only as photos. The extended photo shows everyone but Ben, when we were at Disneyland together (Nate Pace, Heather’s ex-husband is there also). On 30 April 1994 I had written a song called “Family Status.” This song, “My Family,” was an update, written on 30 July 2001, 7 years later. The chorus points out what a good job we did at raising the kids so they each had the self-confidence needed to pursue their own different interests and paths through time and space. Then there are verses about Andrea, Marti (see Song 60, Song 64, Song 65, Song 66, Song 73, Song 74 – 1307 Emerald Green, Song 77, and Song 78), Roice III, Ben and Sarah, Paul and Kate, Heather, Melanie and Jared, Audrey, Sara Ellen, Rob, RachelMatthew Charles, and the first 3 grandsons are mentioned or implied. All parents worry about and love their children. I wrote about what I saw, and these words become engraved in time, especially as I sing the songs over and over, and then as I find enough self-confidence I share the songs. Sometimes it is better to forget and to move on. And yet I think it is important to be transparent and to describe the warts and the pimples, as well as the love and the beauty of my life. Hopefully, if I have written anything disparaging or hurtful in these songs, or in these descriptions of the songs, those who are offended will be able to forgive me. I have no intention of offending. I’m simply telling my story as best I know how to; warts, pimples, and all the rest of my life’s test.

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