Song 444 – Homophones

By July 7, 2024Songs
Song 444 Homophones

Merged 001-100 homophone songs:

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001. Homo phones homophones, Abel able, abide abide, accede exceed, accept except, acts, Acts:

002. ad add, addition edition, address address ail ale, aims Ames, air air heir:

003. aisle isle, all, awl, allowed aloud, alter alter altar, ant aunt, ante anti anti:

004. appendix appendix, arc arc ark ark, ate eight, attitude attitude, auger augur, aural oral:

005. axel axle axial, back back back, bald bawled, bale bail bail, ball ball bawl ball, band band band banned band:

006. bar bar bar bar bar, bark bark bark barque, bare bear bear, baron barren, base base, Bauer Bower:

007. bazaar bizarre, beach beach beech, beam beam beam beam, bean been bin, bee bee be, beer bier:

008. beet beat beat beat, bends bends, berth berth birth, bight bite byte, bill bill, billed billed build:

009. bin bin bin, bit bit bit bit, blanc blank blank, blew blue blue, blind blind, bloomers bloomers:

010. bluff bluff, boar bore boor bore, boarder border Border, bold bowled, boll boll bowl bowl, boos booze:

011: bored bored board Board, boring boring, born borne, boss boss, bough bow bow bow, bought bot:

012: bound bound bound bound, boy bouy, braid brayed, branch branch, braise brays, brake break break:

013: bread bred, brief brief, broke broke, bug bug, bury berry, bussed bust:

014: But butt butt, buy bye bue bi Cain cane cane, called called, can can can:

015: capital capital capitol, cartridge cartridge, cast cast cast caste, cat cat cat, cede seed, ceiling ceiling sealing sealing:

016: cell cell cell sell, censer sensor censor censure, cent sent scent, cheap cheep, check check Czeck check checque, ceareal serial:

017: change change, chews choose, China china, cleave cleave, chord cord cord, click clique:

018: climb, clime, close close close clothes, Colonel kernel, compass compass compass, compliment complement, concrete concrete:

019: conduct conduct conduct, conductor conductor conductor, convtion convention, convert convrt, coop coupe, cougar cougar:

020: council counsel, country conutry, couple couple, course coarse, coward cowered, craft craft kraft Kraft:

021: condom condemn, crane crane crane, crape crepe, creak creek, crown crown crown, cruise cruise:

022: cue cue queue, curl curl curl, currant current current current, cut cut, cycle cycle, cymbal symbol:

023: damn cam cam, days daze, dear deer, dedicate dedicate, dense dents, depression depression Depression:

024: descent dissent descent, desert desert dessert, degree degree degree, dew do due due, diamond diamond, die die dye:

025: Dine dine, discreet discrete, do due, doe dough dough, Don don dawn, done dun:

026: drag drag drag, drawing drawing drawing, dual duel, duct duct duck duck, dyeing dying, effect affect:

027: epoch epic, equity equity, ewe yew you, faculty faculty, faint feint, fan fan fan:

028: fare fair fare Fair, fairy ferry, fall fall fall, farther father, Faun fawn fawn, feat feet:

029: fiber fiber fiber, fill feel feel, fine fine, fir fur fur, first first First, fiscal physical:

030: flair flare, flex flecks, flier flier, float float, floppy floppy, flower flour:

031: flu flew flue, fold fold, fork fork, forth fourth fourth, fowl foul, founder founder founder:

032: four for fore fore, freeze frieze, fret fret, Friar fryer, gait gate, gamble gambol:

033: gays gaze, genes jeans, gild guild, gilt guilt, glasses glasses, goal goal:

034: goat goat, good good good good, gorilla guerilla, Governor governor, graphed graft, grass grass:

035: grate grate great, grays graze, green green green, grid grid, groan grown:

036: ground ground ground, gruesone grewsome, guest guessed, hack hack, hail hale, hall haul haul:

037: handle handle Handel, hard hard hard hard, hare hair, hay Hey, head head, heel heal heal heal:

038: hear here, He’d heed, help help, herd heard, heroin heroine, herz hurts Hertz:

039: hew hue, high Hi high, higher hire, him hymn, horde hoard, hole whole hole:

040: horn horn horn horn, hot hot hot, hour are our, hydraulic hydrolytic, I eye aye, idol idle idle:

041: implement implement, in inn, insight incite, insure ensure, iron iron, iron, it’s its:

042: jam jam jamb, jell gel, jewel joule, jib gib, karat carrot carat, knap knap nap:

043: knead need, knave nave, knees knees, knew gnu new, knit knit nit, knob nob:

044: It’s its, knock nock, knot not, know no, knows nose noes, Lab lab lab:

045: ladder latter, lade laid, lain lane, lamb lam, laps laps lapse, lark lark:

046: lay ley, leak leak leek, lean lean lien, leave leaf leaf, leaves leaves, led lead:

047: leech leach, left left, lessen lesson, levee levee levy levy, liar lyre, licker liquor:

048: lie lye lie, light light lite, like like, line line, links lynx, load lode:

049: loan lone, locks locks locks lox lox, lodge lodge lodge, log log, long long, loot lute:

050: lots lots, low lowe low, maid made, mail male mail, main mne Maine, mall maul maul:

051: manifest manifest, mantel mantle mantle, march March, mare mayor, Mark mark mark marquee, marshal martial:

052: maize maze, Mary marry merry, metal mettle, Mercury mercury Mercury, mete meet meat, Miami my Amy:

053: Midsomer midsummer, midst mist, might mite might mite, mill mil meal mill mill meal, mind mind mined, mine mine:

054: Minister minister, minor minor minor miner, missed mist midst, moan mown, moat mote, mode mowed:

055: monitor monitor Monitor, mood mooed, moor moor Moor more, moose mousse mousse, Mortar mortar mortar MOTAR, mourn morn:

056: mourning morning, muscle muscle mussel, naval navel navel, neck neck, neigh Nye, net net net net net:

057: nice gneiss, nick nick, nickers knickers, niece Nice, night knight, notes notes notes:

058: nothing nutting noting, nought not knot knot knot, nun none, ode owed, office office, Oh OH owe:

059: one one won, operate operate, operatoin operation operation, or oar OR are whore, packed pact, pad pad pad iPad launchpad:

060: padded patted, pail pale pale, palate palette pallet, palm palm palm, pain pane, pair pare pear:

061: pan pan, parish perish, park park park, pass pass pass, passed past, passing passing:

062: patients patience, pause pause paws paws, pea pee, peace piece, peak peak peek pique, pearl purl pearl pearl purl:

063: pedal peddle, peel peal, peer peer pier, period period period, pilot Pilot pilot pilot, pioneer pioneer:

064: pioneers pioneers, pitch pitch pitch pitch, picture pitcher pitcher, place place place, plane plane plain plane, Plano plain old:

065: plaque plaque, plate plate plate plait, plot plot, plumb plum plum plumb plumb, pod pod POD, pole poll poll:

066: poor pour poor, Pop pop pop pol, pours pores, port port port, power power, praise prays preys preys:

067: quom coin coin, pray prey, prayed parade parade, present present present present, presents presence, preserve preserve:

068: pride pride pride, primary Primary, principal principle, program program program, projection projection projection, prophet profit:

069: quarts quartz, race race, rail rail rail rail, rain reign rein, rap rap wrap rap rap, raise raise rays raze:

070: ray ray Wray, read red red, real reel reel reel, reek wreak, regulator regulator, relieved relieved:

071: relish relish, report report report, resistance resistance resistance, resort resort resort, rest rest rest wrest, retard retard:

072: retarded retarded, retch wretch, return return, right right, write Wright, rites rights, ring ring wring:

073: rode road, roe row ROE, Rock rock rock, rocks rocks rocks, role roll, root route:

074: rose rose rose rows rose, Rotary rotary, rote wrote, rough ruff, ruin ruin, rule rule:

075: ruler, ruler, rung wrung, rye wry, sale sail, satyr satire, saw saw:

076: scan scan scan, scene scene seen, schedule schedule, sea’s seize sees, seal seal seal seal, seam seam seem:

077: seaman semen, season season, sear seer, second second second second, see see sea C, sells cells:

078: serial serial cereal, serving serving serving, set set set set, sew so sow, sex sex, sewn sown:

079: shake shiekh, shear shear sheer sheer, sheet sheet, shift shift shift shift, shoe shoo, shoot chute shoot:

080: shor short short, shot shot shot, shy shy, sic sick, sight site cite, since sense:

081: sign sine sign, sink sink ssynch, slip slip slip slip slip, so sew sow, soil soil, sole sole soul:

082: Son son sun, spade spayed, spare spare spare spare, spring spring spring, square square square square square, staff staff staff staph:

083: staid stayed, stake steak Stake, stand stand stand, stare stair, state state state, stationary stationery:

084: steel steal, still still still, sterile sterile, stories stories, storm storm, story story:

085: stile style, straight strait straight, stud stud stud, sub sub sub sub, subject subject, suit suit suite suite:

086: sure sore shore soar, sum some, sun son Son, Sunday sundae, support support, swing swing:

087: tacks tacks tax, tag tag tag tag, tail tale tail, tot taught taut, team team teem, tear tear tear:

088: teas tease, teller teller, terry tarry tarry, text text, the thee, they’re their there:

089: throes throws, throne thrown thrown, thrust thrust thrust thrust, thyme time, tic tick tick, tide tied:

090: tie tie, thyme time time time, tip tip tip tip, tipped tipped tipped tipped, toad towed, told tolled:

091: toons tunes tunes, tore tour tor, tough tough tuff, Troop troop troupe, tow toe, trail trail:

092: trailer trailer, transform transform, transformer transformer, trail trail, tried tried, trump Trump:

093: trussed trussed trust trust, try try, tube tube tube tun ton, turn turn turn turn tern, tutor tooter Tudor:

094: tux tucks, two to too, urn earn, vale vile veil, waffle waffle, wail wale whale:

095: waist waste, wait weight weight, waive wave wave wave, ar wore, ward Ward ward ward, watch watch:

096: water water water, wax whacks wax, way way weigh whey weigh, ways weighs, we wee whee, weather whether:

097: weave weave, we’d weed weed, week weak, well well well well, we’ll wheel wheel, were were whirr wear wear ware:

098: wet whet whet, which witch, Whig whig wig, while wile, whorl whirl, wine whine:

099: whirled world, wit whit, who’s who’s whose, woood would, why Y, son sun Xun Son:

100: right Wright right right write, yoke yolk, you U, you’ll yule, you’re your yore, Zion Zion Sion:

I have long had a fascination with homophones, not even knowing they were called homophones. Maybe it is because so many homophones are used as Dad Jokes, and the groans after a Dad Joke are often better than the joke.

“Homophones are words pronounced alike but different in meaning or derivation or spelling. These words may be spelled differently from each other (such as to, too, and two), or they may be spelled the same way (as in quail meaning ‘to cower’ and quail meaning a type of bird.” (Google search which used

This effort was started in 2020, and I completed a first pass document by 26 November 2022 during a visit to Melanie’s family in Bulverde, Texas. There was a second pass document by 09 April 2023, and then I started adding definitions for the project to be more “whole.” The document was “completed” 26 June 2024. And, of course, it is not complete. For instance, in coming up with 100 six-line verses, where each line is a set of homophones, I forgot to add “pi” and “pie,” even though I had made the image of “pies” and “pi” for this song back before the 2nd pass document in 2023. Also, I do not have the homophones “quail” and “quail,” which came up in the definition used when “Homophones and Quilts” was posted as Grandkidlet #24.27. There are at least 2 lines where homophones were repeated on other lines, starting with another spelling. I discovered this when recording the verses. And there are at least 2 sets of homophones, which I entered at the end, and which are not alphabetical, and thus do not have definitions. Too much work to add them, and then move each line to keep all of the homophones alphabetical.

Do, there are 100 verses, or 600 sets of homophones in this work. A lot of Dad Jokes. There are 1,577 definitions, which should mean there are at least 1,588 words which are homophones. This means there is an average of 2.628 homophones per line in the song. It was hard to sing some of the verses, because the sentences are often so random. So, some verses were recorded a dozen times to get the version used. The merged version of 100 verses is 38.8 MB in size and lasts over an hour. I recognize I am probably the only one in the world willing to listen to this whole thing. Oh well! This is not unusual for some of my more off the wall projects, like filling our yard with rocks from Southern Utah or turning each chapter of The Book of Mormon into a 4 line stanza, and then putting all of the stanzas to “music” (see

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