Song 104 – Three Little Men

By April 10, 2018Songs

This song was used as the music for Psalm 128 and is reference by Song 044 – My Family. The song starts with the words, “three little men looking up at me,” and now they look down on me. There is something very special about Grandsons. Grandsons carry on our name and our legacy. Our first three grandchildren were boys, and for people who grew up in a patriarchal society, Andrea and I could not have been more pleased. We have worked hard to keep a friendship and a relationship with and between these three boys. This includes having held 8 Nelson Grandkids Summer Science Camps between 2010 and 2017. Everyone came to 1307 Emerald Green for Christmas in 2002, when I wrote this song. By 2010, when we had the first Science Camp, we could see it was going to be hard to get our family together as much as we had hoped we would be able to. There are interesting (and sometimes sad) family dynamics when both parents have gone through a divorce. Then you add the psychological issues of the perceived Wicked Step-Mother, or the person who took my Mom away from my real Dad (and vice-versa), and family relationships can get messy. Thankfully, these issues have not seemed to hinder our relationship with our oldest three wonderful Grandsons. They love us, despite our weaknesses, and we love them, because we know they are perfect. There is a real interesting dynamic making me want to be better whenever I think of the “three little men looking up at me.” Hopefully when they have their own children and grandchildren these words, songs, and pictures will be something they can refer to make the next generations even better than theirs.

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