Song 113 – Jennifer Roberts

By April 20, 2018Songs

This song was used as the music for Psalm 69. After I found the location for Landmark’s first office building across the street from the Barker Reservoir Dam on Highway 6, and after Landmark had started to become an operation, I would take my lunch breaks driving around Katy looking for someplace to prototype Ray Gardner’s and my new city ideas. I talked a friend into taking me up in his plane to fly over and take photos of a property close to where Melanie’s house was, many years later, in south Katy. Then I went down a dead-end road off of Fry Road and saw a sign about some property owned by one Joe Roberts. Called the number, and Joe and I became good friends. Joe sold me 1307 Emerald Green, which was in the same neighborhood where he lived. Joe ended up helping get built Landmark’s first office building off of Barker Cypress on Cypress Run next to Maudeen Mark’s Ranch, which Ray used as the location for his Intelligent Habitat Report. Joe tells me I got really full of myself during the good years at Landmark, and wouldn’t talk to him. I think I was listening to the advice of others too much, who thought Joe was dangerous for me. Years later I learned Joe’s daughter Lauren and Melanie were reported as spending time on the roof of our house smoking.  There were a lot of interactions between Joe and his family and me and my family. Then on September 12th of 2004 Joe and Linda’s daughter Jenifer Ann was driven off of I-10 late at night, her jeep rolled, and Jennifer was killed. Joe and Linda were inconsolable. We helped however we could. We made arrangements to use our chapel for the funeral service. We helped put together the talks. I gave the closing prayer for the service. This song, which I wrote about the events, specifies over 600 came from the neighborhood to Jenny’s funeral. As near as I could tell, the funeral was a very special experience for all who attended. It was only about 4 years later that Joe asked the questions which became the foundation of Dynamic Measurement and our work with lightning databases (see Song 158 – Thunder and Lightning). Life does continue on, whether it be through organ donation, through the resurrection, or through the lives and examples of those we knew when they were alive.

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