Song 112 – Reckless

By April 19, 2018Songs

This song was not used as the music for a Psalm. My notes say this song was started on the 24th of March of 2004. I think I was copying songs from my old notebooks, the outline of the chorus must have been written about the same time as “Song 128 – April 6th” through “Song 139 – Before I Go,” which were written before 1970, and I finished the chorus between March and September of 2004 and wrote the verses on the 18th of February 2017. This is not one of my favorite songs. It does give a history of my work at Nelson Meat Packing Plant, and how on Thursdays during the summers, and often after school, Dad and I would take a delivery of meat to Hurricane, Washington, St. George, and Santa Clara. This was when I was introduced to lady “who knew more than Dad” and lectured Dad on child labor laws. I am very glad Dad taught me how to work. I wish I would have done better teaching my children how to work. The blood and guts and abscessed kidneys of the killing floor were not a normal way to grow up in the 1960’s. I killed more cattle than most people see in their lives. The Byproducts Plant, where the guts and bones and offal were cooked, grease pressed out and sold, and ground into protein for turkey farmers in Enterprise was particularly loathsome. I remember my cousin, Roice Nelson Krueger, coming to visit Grandma. I was in the back room running the hamburger patty machine. I got to where I could take meat trimmings from the cutting room, grind them into hamburger, move the hamburger from the grinder to the patty machine, replace paper which went between each hamburger patty, count the number of patties in each pile, box the piles of patties, tie and label the boxes, and keep the machine going until it was time to replace the size of the hamburger patties it was pushing out between pieces of paper. There were little pieces of hamburger all over my white apron and glasses, and when Roice commented I said, “Oh, the hamburger patty machine spits.” He proceeded to demonstrate this by spitting and laughing. It was really funny. Guess this is why I never lost, I’d just choose not to win. The photo of horizontal lightning was shown to me by Dr. Tracy Stark, and seemed to fit the title of “Reckless.” It also ties to the work with lightning databases the last 10 years, which is introduced with Song 158 – Thunder and Lightning.

Maybe this is what is happening now with Dynamic Measurement and my work with lightning databases. The word reckless is why I put a photo of horizontal lightning in Iran going right past some people as the photo for the song Reckless. Reminds me of when Charlie Garfield and I threw bailing wire on the power line, and learned power lines can arc all the way to the ground and the power for Enoch went through Dad’s farm. Or the time I decided to finish plowing a field, despite a storm, and lightning hit right next to the tractor. Maybe I just hang around reckless people. Joe Roberts was hunting ducks on his property at the Hockley Salt Dome when a lightning strike hit next to his truck. A year later he was at the same place, hunting ducks again, and a strike hit the same place. He drove to my house and asked me does lightning strike twice in the same place, and if it does, does this mean I have oil on my property? This started Dynamic Measurement (see Song 158 – Thunder and Lightning). Then a few years later he was at the same place (being reckless) and a big storm with hundreds of lightning strikes surrounding him happened. The extended map shows the lightning strikes mapped from this one storm.

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