Song 021 – Dunes

By January 3, 2018Songs

The music to this song was written in my song-notebook between July and October of 1999 and then the song was written on the 16th of January, 2017. Since the last regular Psalm put to the music of one of my songs was on the 12th of September 2012, there is not a Psalm associated with Dunes. The photo to the left, and the extended photo, show our family playing at the Pink Coral Sand Dunes by Kanab, Utah. From a historical perspective, Andrea and I went to an SUU (Southern Utah University) dance recital in 2015 directed by our then neighbor, Patty Meredith. One of the dances was about a hive of bees, and the thought came to mind, “dances could be performed describing geological processes.” So, I immediately outlined titles for several songs about geological processes. This was written when Dunes was about the third of these titles put to music. As of Labor Day 2018, I have written about “Song 405 – Thrust” (April 2018), “Song 399 – Eruption” (April 2017), “Song 109 – Sedimentation” (February 2017), “Song 110 – Alteration” (February 2017), “Song 397 – Faults” (January 2017), “Song 386 – Erosion” (March 2016), and “Song 387 – Collision” (March 2016). I have yet to write about “Intrusion,” “Landslide,” “Reef,” “Thrust,” and other exhilarating geologic topics. The words for these songs relied on some of my geologic dictionaries.

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