Song 101 – This New Song

By April 6, 2018Songs

This song was not used as the music for a Psalm. Since I am not comfortable with my ability to write, after I plagiarized the chorus to Song  081 – Vision from a dictionary, it was easy for me to use other’s words, especially words from the scriptures, in my songs. So, several of my songs are direct quotes from the scriptures. You can tell which book of scripture I was reading when, based on the words quoted and the date the song was written (e.g. Song 106 – Nephi’s Vision, Song 118 – A Song of My Beloved, Song 122 – The Song of Moses, Song 144 – Oh That I Were An Angel v-1, Song 151 – Hear God’s Word, Song 153 – The Great Cause, Song 155 – Help Me Set Us Free, Song 166 – Fathers, Sons, & Responsibility, Song 344 – David’s Song for Saul, Song 345 – David’s Psalm of Praise, Song 347 – Psalm to Thank the Lord, Song 348 – David’s Blessing, Song 354 – O That I Were An Angel version 2, Song 358 – Psalm of Nephi, Song 363 – II Nephi 22 or Isaiah 12, Song 365 – The Voice of the Lord, Song 366 – Ammon Glories in the Lord, Song 367 – Mary’s Psalm, Song 368 – The Lord’s Prayer, Song 370 – The Great Intercessory Prayer, Song 371 – Oh That Ye Had Repented, Song 376 – Revelations 15:3-4, Song 382 – A Son of Praise, Song 385 – A Vineyard, Song 389 – Face-to-FaceSong 394 – Hosanna), and Song 395 – Sing Together). As I was reading the Doctrine & Covenants of the LDS Church in December of 1992, I came across the words for a new song about Zion (D&C 84:99-102), and this moved me down the path resulting in the songs listed above. I see these songs as an additional way to study these scriptures. A way which is closer to ancient rites, like Australian Aborigine Song Lines, and how ancient nomadic people passed on oral traditions.

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