Song 033 – Camp Liendo

By January 17, 2018Songs

This song was used as the music for Psalm 33. Andrea and I got married on May 15th, 1999. We did take time for a 2-week honeymoon. Then we moved her and 3 kids to Houston. By November Andrea was the Young Woman’s President in the Nottingham Country Ward, Audrey had gone back to Cedar to go to school, and I was going on camp outs with Matt. I was obviously writing the Scout songs in another book, and they got transcribed to my brown journal as a group, which is why there is the three-year gap between the consecutive songs, 032 and 033. I think I went to this camp out as a Dad, not as a Scout Leader. I found Camp Liendo historically stimulating, and the experience very interesting. Greg Branning is a thinker, and I’m sure his being one of the leaders was part of why I liked this campout. Greg has worked all over the world as a specialist in iron ore. With my somewhat equivalent background in oil & gas, we always have a lot of stories to tell each other. The Liendo Plantation dates back to the Civil War. They do reenactments of the Civil War battles in Texas. There are a actors who come from all across the state. We happened to camp next to some actors from the far south of Texas from McAllen. They had left the LDS church and created a new church they called “Reconstituted Mormons.” It was a real interesting experience to listen, as we sat around the campfire Friday night, to these men bear testimony of the Book of Mormon, while saying they no longer followed the church. The pancakes were burned Saturday morning, and this was made up by watching the excitement of scouts taking photos of some big beautiful peacocks wandering through our campsite.

The reenactment was very realistic. I had a phrenological reading of my head. I have a lot of bumps on my head, and this kept the actor very busy explaining my head to the scouts. There was a time-period wedding, and a Civil War Doctor explaining his trade. One of the members of the cast was from our ward, and his son, Anthony Dowd, was one of the scouts. I got a great photo of Matt saluting a U.S. flag with these actors, which I plan to use as the basis for Matt’s Ken Turner painting when we can afford to do this. Matt Pickard loaded and shot off a black powder cannon. He was sure his Mom would not like this. I thought it was great. The cavalry, the cannons, the smoke where the canon balls hit, the saber fighting, the infantry marching, and the pipers tunes all made for a very fun experience. Once again, the song helps me to relive the experience again and again. Since I am recording these songs, after having not singing them for about a year, sometimes the emotions spill over.

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