Song 007 – Froggie Learns the Gospel

By December 18, 2017Songs

Froggie Learns the Gospel was written the second Christmas I was on my mission to the England East Mission by my Hippie friend from Houston, Texas, Quentin Reed (see Song 87 -The First Prayer). Froggie was used as the music for Psalm 61. Quentin and I have sung this song ever since I reconnected with him in Denver, the summer of 1973 after my mission. The summer we met, we talked about animals. Quentin had written this song about a frog. I later wrote a song about a squirrel (see Song 026, Spring). And then later Quentin wrote The Animals Testimony Meeting, Song 027. We played off of each other. I have always told people Quentin wrote Froggie Learns the Gospel about me. In other words, as a young Jack-Mormon, before my conversion the summer of 1968 (again see Song 87 -The First Prayer and Song 107 – The Missionaries), I was like Herman – the frog. After my experience in Corvallis, Oregon, I became like Herman, after he was baptized. Quentin was from Orange, Texas, and converted to the LDS church in Houston when he was young adult. So, of course, in Quentin’s mind, he is Herman. Maybe Herman is simply a “type” of many of us. Whatever the case, the song is fun for members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

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