Song 114 – Barker Reservoir

By April 21, 2018Songs

This song was not used as the music for a Psalm. Shortly after Jenny Roberts death and funeral, the leases for key parts of Barker Reservoir became available for lease. I was getting older, and felt closer to death. I did not want all of the work I had put into the new city to just get thrown in the trash because I died and did not follow through on building a prototype new type of city (see Song 90 – Deseret and Song 100 – Zion). I went into an obsessive-compulsive phase, designing tree houses which could be built in the middle of the reservoir (see the cement tree base shown in the image to the left) with walkways between houses, all of which would be above the level of the highest anticipated flooding in Barker Reservoir. I got out my geodesic building blocks from Mic Patterson at ASI (Advanced Structures Incorporated), and designed different framework configurations for the tree houses. I still think this is a very innovative way to use the Army Corps of Engineer controlled Barker Reservoir, providing new housing within walking distance from what is now BP, and which was Amoco, BP, and ARCO corporate offices. Andrea had heard enough about my new city ideas, she wanted nothing to do with the discussion, and I felt like I was dropping into the same desperate situation Marti and I had found ourselves in. So I cried when I did not have the money to apply for the lease of the land, and for the most part have stopped talking about my dreams of a new kind of city. However, it is still the kernel behind all of the work I do, and before I die I do hope to at least document my ideas so someone can pick them up and run with them. I guess, in a way, descriptions like this are part of of this documentation process.

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