Song 111 – PIEPTS

By April 18, 2018Songs

This song was not used as the music for a Psalm, and it is referenced by Song 008 – Fallen Angel. I talked about Mr. Yan Dun Shi in the description to Song 082 – Gene’s Beijing City Blues. Mr. Yan came up with the initials PIEPTS, which I do not even remember what it stands for. David Johnson, President of Geophysical Development Corporation (GDC), which became Geokinetics, wanted to do business in China. I had done a lot of work in China with Landmark, and so he asked me to use my connections to get some work for GDC. There was a convention that GDC showed at, and I helped them set up and run a booth. I made connections with Mr. Yan, and he had me work with his two sons, Jia Feng, who was doing PSDM (Pre-Stack Depth Migration), and his son Jia Lin, who was more of a marketing person. In 2004 we set up a partnership, where Jia Feng’s company, Geo-XM, would work with GDC. Jia Lin got GDC contracts with the Ji Dong Oil Field in the Bohai Bay, with the Tarim Oil Field in far western China, and with the Da Qing Oil Field in northern China. We did PSDM projects for each group, I rented my Landmark license to GDC, and did the seismic interpretation. We found the largest oil field found in the previous 10 years in China in the Bohai Bay. We found the third largest gas field found in Western China. I made the maps, delivered the results to the Chinese, and we never heard from them again, except for the news reports quoted on the image to the left. In fact, the Tarim Oil Field stiffed GDC for $200,000. We had used the relationships the Yan’s had to get the contracts, and GDC did not go through standard bid processes. The contracts were valid, and GDC still did not get paid, even after such marvelous exploration results. Then Dave Johnson was fired because of a takeover by the acquisition people, and Mike Dunn and myself were fired as fall out from this regime change. PIEPTS turned into a pretty disillusioning experience. Guess we need these kinds of experiences to recognize when things are really good.

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