Song 045 – Ethan

By January 31, 2018Songs

This song was used as the music for Psalm 80. We went to see Ethan when Ben and Sarah lived in Calgary, and they arranged for us to go to a dinosaur museum with Ethan. The photo to the left shows two image sizes of Ethan in front of a Triceratops dinosaur replica. He was a lot bigger here than when I wrote this song. He was 1 when I wrote the song. Fun to hold, until he wiggled like jello in a mold. Matt and I were on a High Adventure in Colorado when Ethan’s birthday happened. We went to Dallas for a meeting with Magnum Resources the next week, and went to see Ethan at Ben and Sarah’s new house. Ethan was walking, starting to talk, and he really jumped when a balloon popped while eating dinner at Applebee’s. Then breakfast included pancakes and scrambled eggs, cleaned up by his dogs. He walked like a cowboy with bowed legs from riding horses so long, and he liked to mute my guitar. Good visit. One I can relive again and again, as I sing the song.

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