Psalm 102

By August 14, 2017Psalms

The music for Psalm 102 is based on Song 011 Howard Nelson, the words of which follow:

C: Howard Nelson is a good little boy
Words that brought a lifetime of joy

1. Raised by a father who worked too hard
He was too young when he left the yard
Sheep to tend and wool to card
Planting potatoes with a meadow lark to guard

2. Driving a wagon loaded with hay
Stretching and sweating all through the day
All for virtually zero pay
All the time hearing the meadow larks say

3. On horseback riding to school
the water tank became summer’s pool
At 14 a car was way beyond cool
Living up to being the meadow lark’s jewel

4. College basketball games with Dad
Working together made him glad
There was not time to chase a fad
Except to listen as the meadow lark had

5. Soon graduating from BAC
Howard went to Utah State University
Then he returned for good to Cedar City
To hear the meadow lark and to see

6. The farm always returned to him
Enough to fill up to life’s rim
He loved meat packing and farming
And to hear the meadow lark’s hymn

Let’s all come together like farmers in the valleys of the temple district have over the decades and celebrate this timestone.

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