Psalm 137

By July 4, 2017Psalms

The music for Psalm 137 and for Psalm 74 are based on the music of Song 046 – Images Scream Out.

These pages are an invitation for those with ties to
Southern Utah to come together and celebrate
the new Cedar City Temple of
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saint.

Visit here Monday-Saturday to hear a newly posted Psalm
counting down to the temple dedication on 09 Dec 2017.

The music for these Psalms comes from songs written for
family members, Primary, Sunday School, Young Men, and
Scout classes, etc. The music for Psalm 137 was written
after the 9/11 terrorist attack. The words of the song:

Images Scream Out 22-23 September 2001

C: Images scream out to all of the world
Satan’s alive and his banner’s unfurled
Attacking the innocent building his empire
Conveniently forgetting who is his sire

1. Images scream out for retaliation
Protect the innocent, protect the nation
Do what it takes to send them to oblivion
Making it safe for the next generation

2. Images scream out upon all the housetops
Fulfilling prophecy, showing the cops
Helping the firemen until strength is sapped
Seeking to rescue someone who is trapped

3. Images scream out and we must remember
The faith of our fathers, gaining strength from the embers
Fighting for freedom, conquering our fears
Surgical strikes unaltered by tears

4. Images scream out we hear in the ear
With moral certainty, the spirit is near
Yet we must always be careful that we
Don’t cross the battlefield, joining the lie

5. Images scream out, Patriots shout
Scared, spoiled college kids complain and pout
Who will step forward, who will not lag
To honor their heritage, to salute the flag

This 4th of July let us all come together and
celebrate the upcoming temple dedication timestone.

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