Song 107 – The Missionaries

By April 13, 2018Songs

This song was used as the music for Psalm 116. This is another of the songs Quentin Reed and I wrote (see Song 087 – The First Prayer, Song 054 – The Wooden Shoe, and Song 065 – Celestial Kingdom or Bust, as well as Quentin’s Song 007 – Froggie Learns the Gospel). I was preparing for my mission. Quentin and I enjoyed playing guitars and singing together. I was, and guess I still am, very idealistic. I had written songs like Song 129 – The Supermarket, about seeing my own faults in the mirrors, seeing people peering at me through two-way mirrors, and then seeing who is trying to help me because there are no mirrors. Here Quentin and I wrote about living in boxes, hiding ourselves away, never touching, never feeling, all tied up in games, and if we turn to one another, our love grows, the boxes fade, and we sing together words that always should have been: “We breathe the same air daily, And our hearts to beat in time, And our voices cry together, How our lives have grown to rhyme.” I selected as the images for this song, Elder Fischer and Elder Reese (see the description of Song 098 – The Eighth Psalm) and as the extended view, a photo Quentin sent me which he took of his shadow. As Rob said, when he met Quentin, at about age 20, “It is nice to meet you, you have been part of my life as long as I remember.” Songs do create important relationships, if we sing the songs, and if we let the messages into our hearts.

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