Song 105 – Kelly’s Pond

By April 11, 2018Songs

This song was not used as the music for a Psalm. This photo was not from Kelly’s Pond, it was from a Scout Junior Leader Training in March 2000, about 3 years before Matt and I went to Kelly’s Pond. What is shows is there was is a lot of rain in South Texas, and we had our share of Scout Campouts in the rain and the mud with windblown tents and wet boys and wet leaders. As I recall, this particular campout included Greg Branning, and I think it was the campout where one of the scouts used the toilet, did not notice or did not tell the toilet did not flush and spilled out on the hardwood floors. I know there was some campout after which the Branning’s had to replace their wood floors because boys sometimes do not share everything they do or when they make a mistake. As I recall this was my first campout with Shane Gillett. What a character. He got the boys to build a shelter, a debris hut, and to sleep in it during this big rain storm. The sausage gumbo was good. The noise of the rain kept everyone awake. Greg Branning did not go to sleep all night long (in fact he typically stayed up all night on these campouts). At least there was a warm fire whenever someone got too cold and came out of their hut to warm up. Then a good egg and sausage burrito breakfast and the cold and wet night was forgotten. It was amazing to me these kids were able to start a fire after the soaking rainstorm. Guess this is part of what campouts are about, creating the men who will pick up the baton and lead our society tomorrow and in the future.

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