Song 099 – Scriptures

By April 4, 2018Songs

This song was used as the music for Psalm 106. On November 1st 1992 I came home from Katy Stake Conference and wrote this song, based on a talk by President Collin Steward. I like the song. It has a good message. Years later I invited President and Sister Steward into my Primary and later my Sunday School class so they could listen to the song that came from his talk. We have become friends over the years. When ever I gave a talk in Sacrament Meeting in Nottingham County Ward, Collin asked for my hard copy notes for the talk. It is interesting that sometime between his talk and when he came to my Primary Class the first time, Marti was asked to be a seminary teacher by the Bishop. Then the call was rescinded by President Steward. This was not pleasing to me, and yet I honored my priesthood leader, and did not say anything. Then our marriage fell apart, and I realized he had seen or felt something I did not recognize. We never talked about the rescinded call. It is only as I write a description of the song based on his talk these thoughts come back to mind. As I listened to his talk I knew he loved the scriptures. I love the scriptures too. I have read the standard works several times, and The Book of Mormon many times. I testify they are the words of life. We can only find this if we regularly read the scriptures, study the words, ponder the implications, and pray for a confirmation of the spirit. As a geoscientist, I love the creation story. As a human, I love the story of Adam and Eve. As a man, I appreciate the rules and the examples. As a scientist, I love contemplating the mysteries of God, like symbolism of the circle and the square and the steps to pass the angels at the heavenly gate. And of course, all of this is subject to Jesus being the Christ, which I testify he is. He is my Savior. He is your Savior. He is everyone’s Savior.

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