Song 100 – Zion

By April 5, 2018Songs

This song was used as the music for Psalm 87 and for Psalm 133, and is referenced by Song 081 – Vision, Song 090 – Deseret, and Song 92 – Sunrise. Seems like the best references for describing what is meant by this song are found in the scriptures: Isaiah 40:9, Micah 4:2, Moses 7:20, 62; Galatians 4:26, Revelations 3:12, 21:2, 10-27; I Nephi 20:2, III Nephi 20:22, 21:22-25, Mormon 7:10, Ether 13:3-12, Moroni 10:31; D&C 42:9, 35, 62, 67, 45:65-71; 84:2-5; 97:19, 133:3, 56; and The Articles of Faith 1:10; and in the books referenced in the description of Song 090 – Deseret. Consider the words of the song: “Zion on my mind, filling up my brain with right. Zion in my heart, flowing through my veins with might. Never losing sight of the ultimate goal, Earth exists for us to share with other living souls. Zion is a place of safety, without any strife, built upon the principles of celestial life. Zion is a real city that is built in many places, a modern Garden of Eden filling the in-between spaces. A place of gathering, a land to publish peace. A place of refuge, where all poverty has ceased. Where the lion lies down next to the little lamp, the city of holiness, the New Jerusalem. Where the pure in heart find beauty and discover lasting joy. Preparing for the Lord to come are lovely girls and boys.” Wouldn’t it be exciting and fun to prototype these concepts on Dad’s farm, within the boundaries of the modern city of Enoch, Utah? Have been thinking about these concepts since 1971, and Ray Gardner put together a proposal for me in 1989 called The Intelligent Habitat Project.

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