Song 095 – The Frailty of Life

By March 30, 2018Songs

This song was not used as the music for a Psalm. It was written a long time ago, and I do not remember the circumstances. My son, Roice III, had an operation, it must of scared me, and I wrote out my thoughts and fears with my guitar as a song. “A” talks about creation, and comparing the making of a human being to the making of a clay pot. “B” is about pre-creation, and how the matter which forms each of us has always been, and how as God’s children our purpose is to have a body, experience life, and prove we are worthy to be like our Father in Heaven. The second “A” goes back to the china bowl, and is about those who forget Heavenly Father when put under pressure (and temperature). It also talks about the glazing process, and those who don’t like the way their glazed, whether it be white or black. This was written in August of 1980, shortly after we had moved into our house on Blue Quail drive. We were the last white family to buy a house in this subdivision. Our neighbors were all black. I got along fine with all of them. However, one of the reasons we moved to 1307 Emerald Green Lane (see Song 074 – 1307 Emerald Green), was because a white neighbor was a policeman, and someone broke into his house and spray painted “honky” and other anti-white graffiti all over his walls. The main reason we moved was because I hated the 45-90 minute commute up Highway 6 to Landmark’s office at I-10 and Highway 6 across from the dam for Barker Reservoir. The photo I chose probably does a better job of explaining the frailty of life than the song or this description. The photo is of the “Mystic Tree” in Zion Canyon, posted on Facebook by Car Mazur on the 10th of March 2018.

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