Song 097 – All I Need is Love

By April 2, 2018Songs

This song was used as the music for Psalm 77. February 27th 1982 was when we lived in Missouri City on Quail Run Drive. This was a Saturday. It was during the time I was writing New Technologies in Exploration Geophysics, mostly at the house, on a remote terminal to the DEC (Digital Equipment Computer) at the Allied Geophysical Laboratory at the University of Houston, in Houston, Texas. Seems I have always attempted to take on too much work. So, when Roice, who would have been 7 years old, was sad and said he wanted to run away and go someplace else to stay, it touched my heart enough to take the time to write a song – mostly to tell myself I needed to spend more time with him, with Marti, and with God. Spending more time has always translated as more love, at least in my mind. “All he needs is a little time, All he needs is love, All he needs is to know that I care, All he needs is love.” Because I was involved in writing a book, and working long hours on demanding projects, Marti did most of the raising of our kids. “Without much help from me it’s no wonder she’s beat.” And of course, I am always so far behind, always finding a thousand new jobs I think I need to do, always getting in binds, always needing friends so kind to help me out, and always calling on God.” Isn’t it amazing how a statement of loneliness by a child one loves can help us reflect on and contemplate how well we are doing? Or not!

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