Song 096 – The Problems of Youth

By March 31, 2018Songs

This song was used as the music for Psalm 21. This was written about a year after we moved from Dallas to Missouri City, south of Houston, because of my new job at the University of Houston as General Manager of the Seismic Acoustics Laboratory. I was called as the Priest Quorum Advisor and Young Men’s President, just like when we first moved in the Dallas First Ward. This song was written about the youth at church. I recalled my youth, which is why I used the photo to the left of me as a child, which my Uncle Tony Hafen gave me, as the image to describe the problems of youth. Wanting to dance, wanting to sing, wanting to swing, and wanting to a lot of other things which youth don’t know how to do. The problems seem tall, yet they are really small, especially compared to some of the problems we all face as we get older. The problems of teenagers are different and yet are the same: friends, respect, girls, sports, cars, and money. When we test limits, when we flirt with hell, we can fall. Thankfully there is repentance, and thankfully our Savior loves us enough to pay the price for us if we truly repent, even of something as repugnant as the killing a viable baby who could have become one of the youth I was working with. Working with youth makes my heart cry out: “Make the right choices so you never shout, live your life so you can always walk with the Lord by your side.” I love how playing my guitar and writing the feelings of my heart helps me verbalize eternal truths.

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