Song 092 – Sunrise

By March 27, 2018Songs

This song was used as the music for Psalm 22, which is one of, if not my favorite of the Psalms. This song is in the same mode as Song 090 – Deseret and Song 100 – Zion, which were written earlier in the summer of 1973 in Denver, Colorado. Sunrise was written in October 1973 in our apartment in Salt Lake City, which apartment is described in Song 066 – Home. I was probably reading The New Testament, as part of Gospel Doctrine, and read Matthew 24, about the Second Coming of the Savior. Although I did a good job of not quoting from these verses, I did capture the spirit of the message, focusing on the many sunrises I enjoyed as a youth on the farm. “A glow gathers in the east,” up against Fiddler’s Canyon. “As light begins to shire forth,” as it does each morning at sunrise. “To shine on a world of disbelief,” or to tell the world Jesus is the Christ and He is coming again. “To show the night is but a thief,” as is all darkness swallowing truth and light. Chorus 1 talks about my Mom, and how she helped me. I still struggle with a love-hate relationship with her, and feel several of my kids struggle in the same way with me. Oh well! Jesus, “The Son will come,” and after the sunrise, “the sun will shine,” and “we our road will find.” I like the words “Red streaks across the sky, and paints the clouds as they pass by.” I see the light and truth of the gospel as a sign for all the world to see, and as people live the gospel, others see the darkness flee, and recognize truth, and know the gospel has been restored. Chorus 2 talks about my love, Marti at the time, and Andrea who now helps me find the right side of a smile. As the sun rises over Brian Head, the shadows creep towards the east. As the shadows disappear, light uncovers what was hid, whether it be secret sins or traps and a treacherous path. With the Cedar City Temple, the morning light shows a goal we all should have. I captured this light on the hill and the Cedar City Temple in the photos accompanying Psalm 22.

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